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there is a disturbance in the force. >> i want you to look at this picture. this is new york city. isn't this soupy and disgusting. this is what it looks like in new york city. you have inclement weather out there. we'll say good morning to you. rainy, sloshy, snowy and icky. >> it's just gross out there. now the news you have been waiting for. >> now to a galaxy far, far away. >> there is a disturbance in the force. han, leia and luke are all in talks to be part of the new "star wars" films to be announced after disney purchased the rights. it's out there now. they could be back for part of the t new films. >> i never would say that. you know i never say that to anybody. >> you're right. >> that's all for "early start."
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>> "starting point" starts now. welcome, everybody. today, osama bin laden's son-in-law caught and brought to new york under a shroud of secrecy. what happens next? and details on how a lion killed a young woman. that wild animal wasn't where it belonged. former president clinton urging the supreme court to overturn a law he signed when he was in the white house. >> holy dow! we are counting down to a key report about jobs now less than two hours away. >> forget the right to bear arms. one small american town is about to make it mandatory. a gun for every house and every family. plus, a first look at hollywood's risky bet on a brand new "wizard of oz." is the yellow brick road paved
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with box office gold? >> and talk about this morning the mom who found her 7-year-old daughter's diet list. we'll chat with dara-lynn weiss. we had a her here talking about her daughter's struggle with obesity. tommy davidson, actor and comedian, joins us. and abbie cornish joins us later. it's friday, march 8. "starting point" begins now. welcome, everybody. our "starting point" this morning, a developing story. in a few hours osama bin laden's son-in-law will appear in a new york city courtroom. he was captured in jordan within the last week. his name is suleiman abu ghaith. he faces arraignment at 10:00 a.m. in federal court in new york city on charges he conspired to kill americans. let's go to our national correspondent, susan candiotti in manhattan this morning. walk us through how he was caught and the controversy over
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his appearance in court this morning. >> reporter: hi, soledad. of course you know it appears he was caught at least in part through the use of intelligence. as we know there is supposed to be cooperation between the united states and other countries when terror suspects like these are caught. however, there are questions about that as well as where and how abu ghaith should be tried. this photo puts suleiman abu ghaith squarely in the al qaeda inner circle. he's to the left of his father-in-law, osama bin laden, along with top lieutenants muhammed atef and al zawahiri. following 9/11 he was a spokesm spokesman. he appears in videos and makes ominous statements. quote, we have the right to kill four million americans with chemical and biological weapons. abu ghaith is believed to have been at osama bin laden's final
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stand in 2001 before escaping into pakistan. he lived in iran since 2002, mostly under house arrest and is said to have arrived in the turkish capital of ankara last month traveling on a forged saudi passport. he checked into a hotel and was detained. iran refused him. after several weeks in limbo turkey decided to deport abu ghaith to kuwait, the country of his birth but kuwait didn't want him back either. he was eventually transferred to u.s. custody and flown to new york to face trial. some republicans argue that makes him an enemy combatant who should be tried by a military commission at guantanamo. >> we are putting the administration on notice. we think sneaking this guy into the country, clearly going around the intent of congress when it comes to enemy combatants will be challenged. >> reporter: the obama
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administration says it is trying to close gitmo, not add to the prisoners and that trying abu ghaith in new york won't jeopardize national security. >> it's the sort of case it would be easy to try in new york. new york federal court has 100% conviction rate for al qaeda crimes. >> reporter: his indictment unsealed abu ghaith is accused of one count of conspiring to kill americans and recruiting others to do the same. in court documents, prosecutors quote him saying this after 911. the storms will not stop, especially the airplane storms, warning americans not to board any aircraft and not to live in high rises. if he had been taken to gitmo for debriefing and trial by a military commission, there are a lot of questions about how much useable intelligence he may still have after apparently being out of the loop living in
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iran for so many years. soledad? >> susan candiotti for us this morning. thank you. another story this morning, could the dow end the week with with another record high? stock futures are higher ahead of the opening bell this morning and the anticipation is building for the february jobs report which is due out in roughly 90 minutes or so. christine is following those headlines for us. >> these things matter to your money. one, if you are an investor it's very important. the dow jones industrial average is up 9% so far this year. you would take that kind of return in a whole year. maybe two years. instead we have had it so far this year. everyone asking what happens next. it may depend on the health of the job market or at least this data this morning. at 8:30 we'll get a read of the jobs market. looking for 170,000 jobs created in february. that's the consensus from economists surveyed and an unemployment rate of 7.8%. a lot of you have been asking, wait. investors are doing well here. companies are doing well.
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1.7 trillion in corporate cash in the bank. they have good earnings but american workers aren't necessarily feeling it. it's true. productivity gains have really favored companies, not necessarily workers. workers getting squeezed. on the top line there you have 200% increase in productivity. the bottom line is worker compensation. look at that. the difference. we feel as though we are running in place even as you see investors -- >> because we are. >> investors doing well. in this report i want to be looking closely to see if there is foreshadowing of sequester, public sector jobs cuts and there was a snowstorm last month. we'll see how that affects the numbers. >> we expect that in 90 minutes or so. we are learning more about how a lion killed a young woman who was interning at a cat haven. john has a look at that and the day's top stories for us, good morning. >> good morning. new details about the young
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intern who was killed by a 350-pound african lion at a california animal sanctuary. according to the coroner, 24-year-old diana hanson died quickly from a broken neck. there was no blood when she was attacked by the lion she adored. ted rowlands is live from california with the latest on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, john. the coroner says investigators believe that couscous the lion was able to use his paw to get out of a small cage used to keep lions out of the main enclosure while it is cleaned. they say he got out of the cage and was able to then attack his victim, 24-year-old diana hanson. you mentioned the coroner's report. they believe this was such a quick attack that even in the report he went to the length to say he didn't believe diana hanson suffered at all. you can imagine that's comforting to her family.
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>> there was no blood. they think it was a quick death followed by just some injuries of a lion that was probably just playing too hard. also she was so happy. her last two months there for the internship at cat haven were the happiest of her life. >> john, it is truly amazing to listen to her parents, the way they have talked about not only what happened to their daughter in this facility here. they have complete support for the facility and they have talked about how much their daughter did love her job here. john? >> they are speaking with unbelievable strength, ted. absolutely. thanks for being with us this morning. happening now in these parts, winter whiteout. much of the northeast hammered by the powerful and all too persistent winter storm bringing with it strong winds, rain, coastal flooding and, of course, snow. that's a snowy new york city you are looking at now. these are live pictures of the
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slushy mess. we could see three to five inches today. boston could get up to a foot of snow. the heaviest snow will fall in new hampshire, eastern massachusetts, connecticut and rhode island. jurors at the jodi arias murder trial won't be back in court until wednesday. they spent two days peppering the defendant with hundreds of questions about her boyfriend's murder including why her version of event changed three times and why she can't remember some of the most gruesome details. >> how can you say you don't have memory issues when you can't remember how you stabbed him so many times and slashed his throat? >> well, i think that i have a good memory. june 4 is an anomaly for me. i don't think that i have memory issues that are any different from another average person. >> arizona is one of just three states that allows jurors to question witnesses at a criminal trial.
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several florida beaches are open this morning after thousands of sharks prompted life guards to close them. the sharks are migrating up the coast as the water with starts to warm for the summer. this happens every year which is scary to think about. deerfield beach was one of the cled shorelines because of the shark sightings. another close encounter today. scientists say another asteroid, this one the size of a football field, will whiz past earth this happening. this is happening just days after a smaller rock made a closer fully-by. the new asteroid will miss earth by 600,000 miles on saturday. this is roughly the size of the meteor you may remember -- the one which exploded last month over russia. that fireball detonated before astronomers knew it existed. more than 1500 people were injured, mostly by flying glass. soledad? >> thanks. let's talk about oz, the great and powerful gamble. big budget prequel to the
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classic story opens today. disney has a lot riding on this year's first blockbuster movie. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, soledad. there is a reason why i'm here. not that i wouldn't want to come to austin but we are here for south by southwest where music, film and technology collide. over the next ten days you could call austin, texas, the land of oz, the great and powerful. all things powerful are here. disney is betting big on the film. they are putting a lot of money into it. there is a lot riding on it. but i would not call this a remake. disney calls it more a reinvention. s >> there's no place like home. >> reporter: classic lines, classic footwear.
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"the wizard of oz" is beloved. according to the library of congress, more people have seen the 1939 musical than any other film. now 74 years after dorothy left oz, disney is revisiting the yellow brick road with "oz, the great and powerful" billing it as a prequel. >> it sets up a lot of things that happened in the story we are familiar with. >> reporter: the new oz isn't a musical. what it lacks up in show tunes it makes upper for in effects. disney is begt heavily on the gamble spending an estimated $200 million just to produce it. what's at stake for the studio? >> for them this is a big deal. this is iconic property and they have a lot of money on the line. >> reporter: major money and creative hurdles. while the oz books by l. frank baum are in the public domain. warner brothers own it is rights to the film.
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so several story elements like dor any's ruby slippers are off a limits to disney. >> the disney lawyers had to be on set to say, you're getting too close to the ownership of warner brothers. we have to be careful. >> reporter: will disney's interpretation of the land of oz alienate fans of the hollywood classic? not according to james franco who plays oz. >> we pay respect to a lot of the aspects that people expect and love about the world of oz. that's mainly taken from the books. then there is a fresh take on some of the characters. so you're getting, you know, enough of the old and enough of the new. >> reporter: while you won't see a tin man or scarecrow in this oz, the yellow brick road is in place along with the witches. and disney hopes the land of oz can once again turn movie magic into box office gold. by box office gold, this is what
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they are betting on for this opening weekend for the movie. tracking is coming in at about $75 million to $85 million opening this weekend. that's a very big number. if it happens, disney will be smiling really big. the studio will be happy with that. there are reports this morning because of the tracking numbers that disney is already planning a sequel to the prequel. that's already in the works, soledad. >> nischelle turner, thanks. breaking news this morning. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> want to update you on breaking news this morning. turns out at the vatican the cardinals will vote today to pick a date for the conclave. we are told they will announce today at 1:00 p.m. -- i'm presuming their time -- they will announce the date of the conclave at that time. prior to that announcement today will be meeting to vote on exactly what the date will be. we are watching the story for you.
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we'll chat later this morning with john allen who is watching the vatican for us. more on that ahead. also ahead, back to the top story, the son-in-law of osama bin laden headed to a new york city courtroom in a few hours. why some lawmakers say he should be at gitmo instead. and former president bill clinton doing something you may not expect a former president to do. he's publically coming out against a law he signed. we'll explain that ahead. as your life and career change, fidelity is there for your personal economy, helping you readjust your retirement plan along the way. rethink how you're invested. and refocus as your career moves forward. wherever you are today, a fidelity ira has a wide range of investment choices to help you fine-tune your personal economy. call today and we'll make it easy
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welcome back, everybody. we begin with breaking news. you are looking at a live picture out of the vatican. they are telling us today will be picking the date of the conclave that will pick the next pope. we are told they will announce that date in roughly five and a half hours or so at 1:00 p.m.
4:20 am
eastern time. let's get to ben wiedeman covering the vatican for us. any clues about this date? >> reporter: no actually. we understand from father lombardi, the spokesman for the vatican, that at 1:00 p.m. eastern time/7:00 p.m. rome time, they will make an announcement regarding the date of the conclave, but what that date is, we still do not know. it has to wait for next week at some point. many vaticanisti, the veteran vatican watchers, expect it to begin on wednesday. we'll have to wait for the official announcement on the precise date. soledad? >> ben wedeman. ta announcement will come at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. we will be carrying that for you live. thanks, ben. he's at the vatican. i have never heard that phrase, the vaticanisti, those who watch
4:21 am
the vatican closely. back to our top story, osama bin laden's son-in-law and the fact that he was brought to new york city instead of guantanamo bay. some senators say suleiman abu ghaith should not get the privilege of a trial in new york. >> we believe firmly that gitmo, there is no substitute for it that congress will agree upon that it is the right place to put an enemy combatant for interrogation. and at all possible trial. we believe that the administration's decision to bring this person to new york city if that's what happened without letting congress know is a very bad precedent to sit. >> let's get to cnn contributor and former homeland security adviser fran townsend. let's talk about the significance of the arrest. >> look. you know, b this goes back to
4:22 am
the feeling that you can't hide forever. we are never going to forget those who planned the attack, those who supported the attack. there is a message to others in the world. from a strategic perspective it's an important capture. on the other hand, as a tactical matter, the day to day running of al qaeda, this guy has been on the bricks, if you will, under house arrest inside iran. >> so he may not have current information. >> correct. >> when you hear from senator graham he thinks it's wrong to be in new york city. he thinks congress bits and piecesed -- bypassed it and he thinks it should be done at gitmo. walk me through the military tribunal and the interrogation they could do around the trial. >> well, it's interesting. it's clear the executive branch made a conscious decision in the way they went about the capture that this was going to a federal
4:23 am
courthouse. right? clearly the intelligence agencies -- ours, the cia -- would have been cooperating with allies around the world, tracking his movements. once he was captured from jordan, moved to the united states, it clearly was turned over to the fbi and he came into the custody of the fbi. including any of what we call pocket litter, information h he may have had on him. they would have flown with him to talk to him. anything he would have said would have been admissible in a federal district court in a civilian trial. there was a conscious plan and decision about how we handled him. he gets certain constitutional protections. he has a right to a lawyer, not to speak against himself. he has those protections in a civil court. there is a reasonable debate, soledad. this was an individual who was part of the planning and the core of al qaeda prior to 9/11
4:24 am
and right after it. he could be considered an enemy combatant and put into a military tribunal. he would have a lawyer and similar rights but the process by which he would be tried, it wouldn't be a civilian jury. the rules are different. it's more accommodating to the battlefield situation in which an enemy combatant is taken from. remember, the executive branch, the way they captured him -- >> it was done intentionally. >> right. >> interesting. thanks, fran. still ahead, former president bill clinton trying to change something he did in his white house. our team heads in to talk about doma and much more. you are watching "starting point." we'll be back in just a moment. a confident retirement. degr . line line.
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welcome, everybody. our team this morning, howie kurtz, lauren ash aburn from the daily beast and editor of the daily download. john berman sticks with us as well. a surprising op-ed today as bill clinton urges the supreme court to overturn the defense of marriage act he signed into law in 1996. here is what the former president writes. the justices must decide whether it is consistent with the principles of a nation that honors freedom, equality and justice above all. and is therefore constitutional. as the president who signed the act into law i have come to believe doma is contrary to those principles and incombatable with our
4:28 am
constitution. the high court will hear arguments on doma in three weeks. it is interesting. a lot of what his op-ed is about is how times have changed and the strategy behind which he thought it was at the time a good idea to sign doma into law. >> we haven't had a hundred years of women's suffrage. i think he's entitled to change his opinion and that it is a good thing for the country to evolve the way he thinks it should evolve. >> this is so politically convenient on clinton's part. >> oh. >> he signed -- there is no risk to him now. it is the main stream position of the democrats. you know what i didn't see? i'm wrong, i'm sorry, i misjudged it. >> he doesn't need to say he's wrong. >> when i signed the bill i included a statement with the admonition that the enactment of the legislation should not despite the rhetoric surrounding it be understood to provide an a excuse for discrimination. >> he makes the point more than 500 members of congress sided
4:29 am
with him as if to say everyone was thinking it back then. >> 51% of the american people feel gay marriage should be legal. he is going along with with public opinion. >> that's not your issue. >> gay marriage in 1996 would have been unthinkable. that's not where the country was. bill clinton signed the law and ticked off his liberal base that said marriage is between a man and a woman. now to say, well, gee -- >> he's a leader of the party, howie. whether or not people like it he has a lot of support and he's helping out president obama. >> there is zero risk in this for him. admit that. >> politically, okay. >> of course it's political. >> there are a flood of amicus briefs coming in for the supreme court case. >> and many republicans signing on. >> sure. >> that's a different situation. >> we have to take a break. ahead on "starting point," washington's forced budget cuts, one week since the anti-climactic countdown. what's happened to the doom and gloom report and what hasn't
4:30 am
happened? john berman takes a look at that. and a mom stumbles upon her daughter's diet list. her daughter is 7 years old. we'll talk to a woman who put her own 7-year-old diet and talk about the pressures for young girls and weight. are easy to r with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ both ] 2% back on groceries. [ all ] 3% on gas. no hoops to jump through. i earn more cash back on the things i buy the most. [ woman ] it's as easy as... one! -two. -[ all ] three! [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. apply online or at a bank of america near you. [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. i can't believe your mom let you take her car! this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop...
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blast of cold feels nice. why don't you use bengay zero degrees? it's the one you store in the freezer. same medicated pain reliever used by physical therapists. that's chilly! [ male announcer ] bengay zero degrees. freeze and move on. welcome back, everybody. you are watching "starting point." how young is too young to think about going on a diet? in a few minutes we'll talk to dara lynn weiss. mother finds a diet list her 7-year-old made. some of it is the number of apples she should eat, five glasses of water, ride my bike three times a day. a specific list of things she should do for a diet. >> spelled d-i-y-e-t. >> the spelling is terrible. >> she's 7 years old.
4:33 am
>> we'll get to that ahead. john has a look at the top stories. >> we have big news in the war on terror. first, rand paul, kentucky senator, said he got what he wanted after the 13-hour filibuster wednesday. it delayed the vote on john brennan's vote for cia director. president obama doesn't have the authority to use a drone to kill an american not engaged in combat on u.s. soil. here's what paul said about it to erin burnett. >> i think the response was important. you don't always get a response from the white house when you make an argument. we have been asking for six weeks from the response. the fact that we got it, i feel like it's a victory for us. >> we are about to get more sunlight. spring forward this weekend, everybody. set your clocks an hour ahead and prepare to lose an hour of sleep and if you have young
4:34 am
kids, prepare for months of problems. and a georgia town is close to requiring everyone to own a gun and ammunition. the town voted to advance a measure today call the family protection act. >> most everybody that are original residents here have always had firearmses. >> our government at the moment want to take as much away from us as they can. >> council members admit the measure will not be p aggressively enforced if it makes it through the final vote. they said they are trying to send a message to washington about a their second amendment rights. >> what happens if you decide you don't want a gun in the house. >> they're not going to enforce. >> or what if you get a gun because it is mandatory and someone is injured.
4:35 am
is there culpability. >> seems like grandstanding to me. >> they said they are trying to make a point. here's a question. do you feel different today? we are one week into the forced spending cuts. >> older. >> we all feel older. >> i wish with i felt thinner. >> i don't think that's part of the sequester. here's what we are talking about. what happened over the first seven days and what didn't? take a look. >> reporter: friday, march 8, 2013. a quick review of events that did not happen this week. no mayan apocalypse, no jimmy hoffa, no sign of spring and a no massive government budget implosion. remember this? >> the sequester will weaken america's economic recovery. >> it's been seven days of sequester. the first week of forced spending cuts. our first bite at serious belt-tightening and, sort of nothing really epic -- yet.
4:36 am
yes, homeland security says there are longer customs lines at airports. yellowstone national park announced it will delay opening entrances and members of congress, no more travel on military aircraft. but not really any of this -- >> these sudden, harsh, arbitrary cuts would jeopardize our military readiness. >> not much of this. >> the american people will be less safe. >> doesn't seem to be a wave of this. >> kids are going to get hurt. >> reporter: is this a case of chicken little? >> the sky is falling! >> reporter: it didn't fall unless you count the snowstorm in washington this week that practically shut down government for a day. just because the sky didn't fall doesn't mean it didn't grow a little darker. and these crickets could soon turn to groans. with no congressional white house cooperation, cuts are coming. big ones, and soon.
4:37 am
thousands and thousands of defense industry employees saying they will have an unpaid day off starting in april. the federal aviation administration will start closing air towers at small and medium-sized airports starting in april and the white house says no more public tours as of tomorrow. of course in a display of mutual maturity some members of congress threatened the president, no more tours, no more golf. >> they can get a tour of the white house and all it will cost is one or two golf trips less. >> reporter: one cut that's taken effect already, the president's poll numbers. he's down four points since february. maybe a reason he's tempered the dire prophesies, some. >> we'll get through this. this will not be an apocalypse as some people said. >> reporter: one reason he sud is bly has a voracious bipartisan appetite inviting key republicans to lunch and dinner in the last couple of days.
4:38 am
maybe the skies will brighten and these -- [ crickets ] -- will turn to shouts of joy. >> they are talking sort of a little. >> that's the good news? >> sort of. >> they don't talk. they yell. >> even some say the white house went too far with the sky is falling and it hasn't happened. >> it's going to happen, howie. >> at the end of 2013 we can say 850,000 jobs but fiscal cliff, there was a moment. this is no cliff. there was an attempt to create a cliff. >> we are a mcdonald's generation. if things don't happen immediately, we think things are fine. >> stopping the white house tours, $18,000 a week they are saving. >> $2 million overall. >> let's talk a little bit about the story i find disheartening, honestly. every parent can relate to finding something in the kid's room you wish you hadn't stumbled upon. in this case mom found a diet
4:39 am
list written by her 7-year-old daughter. here are some of the things. 17 push-ups two times a day. 16 star jumps two times a day. two yogurt, three apples, two kiwi, five kblass of water. jog, run up and down the driveway three times. mom, amy cheney wrote on her blog after finding the list in her 7-year-old daughter's bedroom. i felt sick. physically ill. like someone had knocked the air from my chest. i could feel myself getting increasingly anxious the more words i was able to interpret. of course the little girl isn't a great speller. how did this happen? dara lynn weiss, author of "the heavy" about putting her 7-year-old on a diet after being told her daughter was obese. it's nice to have you with us to talk about it more. >> thanks for having me. >> what was your reaction when you heard about the note in her room? >> my initial response was like
4:40 am
the mother who found the note. it was shocking, horrifying and heartbreaking to think that a 7-year-old would make a list like this. as i gave it more thought and as i read what the mother wrote, what the child wrote and benefitted from the wisdom of hundreds of internet commenters, i realized -- >> "wisdom". >> yes, in quotes. >> that was the irony. i learned something. i thought, how much of this definition of the word diet are we bringing to this. how much of our own -- i made a list like this when i was an adolescent. >> so did i. >> i'm remembering that. and my own experience. is there a way of looking at this that it is just a child trying to make healthy changes in her life and she's defining diet in the proper way which is as a habitual way of eating? >> maybe. >> maybe. but at the same time dn do you know what was concerning is she connects fruit with jogging. there is some element of it
4:41 am
that's off. it's not just, i need to eat a healthy diet. it's i need to eat this and do this -- running around the backyard. >> she h's 7. if we found slim fast in her room it's a different story. these are healthy choices. i think children -- this child who is deciding to make healthy choices, those are good. >> please. okay. so when the mother went through -- amy cheney said a this. it has a curse word so i can't read it all. but she wrote this, how dare you sneak into my home with your ridiculous standards and embed them in my little girl's head, polluting her innocence with your pathetic ideals. the daughter had been talking to a classmate who was on a diet and created her own. it didn't come from this, i have decided to be healthy. it came from there is another 7-year-old girl talking about a diet which brings us back to your story. your daughter at 7 was on a diet. doctors said she was obese.
4:42 am
>> in our family i didn't have the luxury of not bringing up this issue with my child. we needed to talk about weight, food, healthy choices. however, i think the story underscores the point that in raising these issues with our children, we are not bringing up something they are not aware of already. they are conversations they are having that we should have with them. >> how much do they understand? the on ptics are striking. she's not old enough to spell diet or apple but she's thinking about it. >> are we assuming this child's goal is to lose weight versus -- are we projecting that on her and are we hystericizing it? i used diet to mean a change in how we ate. my daughter's goal was to lose weight. people responded negatively to that word. >> howie, you have daughters.
4:43 am
don't you think this is a positive, ta she's thinking of how to be healthy and it's an educational experience? >> i went through the same evolution. at first i was how dare society impose this ideal on kids as young as 7 and 8. i don't think the list is so bad. i have some concern that it's a great article, a great way of drawing attention. what about the impact on your child by making it public? >> i think obesity, food are public issues. as my situation reveals these children are having the conversations. >> we are taking it to a national level. >> i think it's there already. obesity. it's an interesting debate. fies to have you with us. there are parts of your book where i was like, yes! and parts where i was like, you're a terrible mother, which i think about myself often. thanks for talking with us. nice to have you. still ahead on "starting point,"
4:44 am
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welcome back. later today two u.s. navy sailors who died during the civil war will be buried with full honors at arlington. the sailors served on the u.s.s. monitor back in 1862. first ever battle between two ironclad ships. the monitor sank. the remains of the sailors survived 150 years on the ocean floor. barbara star has their story. >> reporter: shoes worn by a sailor 150 years ago perhaps in the final moments of his life on board the u.s.s. monitor, a renowned civil war with battleship. >> this is extraordinary. we are looking mismatched, but a pair of shoes that one of the sailors wore. >> he had a different shoe on the left foot than on his right. it's hard to explain why. one of the possible options is as the guys were leaving the ship the night of the sinking it
4:49 am
was dark, chaotic. >> reporter: just one clue in a detective story that started 240 feet below the surface of the sea. who were the two men whose skeletons were found in the ship's turrett in 2002? the navy is about to bury them at arlington national cemetery, not knowing the answer. this is the 120-ton turret of the u.s.s. monitor in this preservation tank. this is the precise spot where they found the remains of the two navy sailors. more clues -- buttons from a uniform, a gold ring, a comb and coins. the monitor made history as the first ironclad ship. caught in a storm on december 30, 1862 off cape hatteras, north carolina, it flipped over and sank. 16 sailors were lost. captain bobbie scholley led
4:50 am
efforts to the dive. >> we wanted to recover them with honors and dignity. spr >> reporter: a military lab looked at the bones. dna samples taken, facial reconstructions made. officers were eliminated. the remains were kau caution. the buttons not from officer coats. the list is down now to five or six men. two possibilities -- robert williams and william brian. back at the water's edge in virginia where the monitor battled the confederacy the official who oversees the ship's legacy says it's more than just history. >> whether it was 150 years ago or two weeks ago in afghanistan the nation's commitment to bringing the fallen home, laying them to rest and returning them to the family stays as strong today as it ever was. >> barbara star, cnn, newport news, virginia. >> ahead on "starting point"
4:51 am
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4:55 am
welcome back. the animated comedy series "black diamond" has been renewed for a second series and the cast is back, they play their original characters. here's a little bit. >> there's a delivery for cream corn. >> look what michael jackson sent for me. >> that voice belongs to tommy davidson who recently hosted "chocolate sundays" based on a comedy sketch series in l.a., debuted to rave reviews last month. nice to have you with us. >> thank you. >> let's talk about "chocolate sundays" first. that was a sketch you did for years and years. >> "chocolate sunday" we took a lot of young people, put them together, did some sketches and then brought some comics on,
4:56 am
too, so it's like def jam meets "in living color." of course we know what that is. >> would you ever think "in living color" would come back? >> i'd like to see it come back. the last tv now you have guys with shotguns chasing alligators and people trading 50 cent for a lamp. >> are you suggesting the bar has been lowered? >> just a tad but there's always hope. >> talk to me about "black dynamite." it was animated but it was based on an original movie. i think we have a clip of that. >> i'm going down. this shouldn't take long. whoa, whoa, take the control. >> what you talking about? that's dynamite. >> hey, hey man! >> hilarious. so the animated series, that was my question because now you're back for a second season. >> that's why we turned it into
4:57 am
a cartoon. the movie did really well, two years ago we did the movie. people loved the movie, it wasn't a huge release, adults really liked the concept. we got together with the people who animated "the boondocks" and turned out to be another level. my kids are like oh my kid does "black diamond" and now i'm cool finally. >> what do you think is the future of comedy for sort of the young people on the scene? >> the future of comedy is really good. with this talent they have to keep going and keep going, they can't reflect on what's happening now. tv's gone a totally different way. the cream is going to rise to the top and lionel richie told me that years ago. >> still doing today. >> is it doing well in terms of comedy? >> the show has been around forever. >> it's still a place for young
4:58 am
people to go. >> there is a place for them to go but see they have a network that they're on. the network that they've been on for a while. >> a strong one. >> but i'm optimistic, comedy has been good to me. >> you've been good comedy. thank you for being with us. appreciate it. still ahead martha stewart back to this, the trial that she of course is in the middle of that court battle between two retail giants, now a judge gives orders to both sides in this case, it's a rifting turn, we'll explain what happened next. thank you. that's three new paper shredders. [ boris ] put 'em on my spark card. [ garth ] boris' small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase every day. great businesses deserve unlimited rewards. read back the chicken's testimony, please. "buk, buk, bukka!" [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase every day. told you i'd get half.
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welcome everybody our "starting point" this morning, major news in the war on terror, osama bin laden's son-in-law is in new york city right now due in court in just a few hours, one senator called him the spokesman for 9/11, so should he be tried at gitmo instead? president clinton explaining his change of heart in the defense of marriage act in a surprising op-ed this morning. wall street is on a tear, are more people finding work?
5:02 am
we'll have the numbers for you and instand reaction from the markets. don't look now, another asteroid is coming, so how is this one different than the last? talking with us this hour, oregon senator ron wyden, and actress abbie cornish will join us. it's friday, march 8th and "starting point" begins right now. welcome everybody our team this morning, howard kurtz, the host of cnn's" reliable sources" and lauren ashburn of the daily beast and john and christine as well. all eyes on wall street, stock futures higher ahead of the opening bell could indicate another all-time high, lots of good news, also anticipation building for the february jobs report which is due out in just about 30 minutes. how are you feeling about that? >> i feel both matter for your
5:03 am
money for stocks if you're an investor, run of the mill investor with a 401(k) this has been a good move for you, a good run for you. the dow jones industrial average is up 9% just so far this year. we would take that for a whole year any time but just so far this year. we can't predict where it keeps going but you have a stock market reflkting corporate profits coming in strong and record amounts of cash from many of the companies. is that translating into how you feel? are you feeling better? many of you are saying no you aren't and looking to the jobs report in 29 minutes to find out if we are starting to see hiring coming in. there are positive signs in the job market despite the sequester and forced spending talk, despite the higher payroll taxes. we won't know until 8:30, the expectation is 178,000 jobs created in february and unemployment rate of 7.8%, a lot of people keep asking me how can
5:04 am
you have a jobless rate almost 8% and stocks near records. >> it is contradictory. >> what's the reason? >> the stokt market reflects how companies feel, not how people feel. companies profits and outlooks are good because productivity gains are going to companies not people. it shows productivity in post war look at that, look at the workers, how much people make versus how much more they're producing, you can see that big disconnect there, it's something people feel. >> thanks, christine, we'll bring the jobs numbers at 8:30 a.m. and roughly 28 minutes or so, so we're watching that. from the middle east to the nation's capital all eyes on a manhattan courtroom where the son-in-law is about to be arraigned, suleiman abu ghaith was brought to new york on charges he conspired to kill americans. cnn national correspondent susan candiotti is in lower manhattan.
5:05 am
walk us through his capture and why there's so much controversy around the fact he's in a new york city courtroom versus say gitmo. >> reporter: there are so many questions surrounding the details of how abu ghaith got here. turkey expelled him but why wasn't he turned over to the united states right then and there? he was flown here from jordan. all of this adding to the mystery and intrigue of this matter. this photo puts suleman abu ghaith squarely in the circle. he's sitting along with ayman al zawahiri. he was appearing in videos and making ominous statements. "we have the right to kill 4 million americans with chemical and biological weapons." abu ghaith is also believed to have been in osama bin laden's
5:06 am
final stand at tora bora in december 2001 before escaping into pakistan. he had lived in iran since 2002 mostly under house arrived and said to have arrived in ankara early last month traveling on a forged saudi passport. he checked into a luxury hotel and was detained. iran refused to take him back, according to turkish sources. after several weeks in limbo turkey decided to deport him to the country of his birth, kuwait, but kuwait didn't want him back either. eventually abu ghaith was transferred to u.s. custody and secretly flown to new york to face trial. some republicans argue that makes him an enemy combatant who should be tried by a military commission at guantanamo. >> we're putting the administration on notice, sneaking this guy into the country clearly going around the intent of congress when it comes to enemy combatants will be
5:07 am
challenged. >> reporter: the obama administration is trying to close gitmo, not add to its prisoners and trying abu ghaith in new york won't jeopardize national security. >> it would be easy to try in new york. new york federal court has 100% conviction rate for people accused of al qaeda crimes. >> reporter: his indictment unsealed, he stands accused of one count of conspireing to kill americans and allegedly recruiting others to do the same. in court documents prosecutors quote him saying this after 9/11, "the storms will not stop, especially the airplane storms, warning americans not to board any aircraft and not to live in high-rises." now some 9/11 families tell us they are overjoyed that finally after so many years they will be able to sit in a u.s. courtroom and hear a case being put against someone who with direct
5:08 am
alleged ties to the 9/11 attacks. soledad? >> susan candiotti for us, thank you for the update. let's get to john berman for a look at the day's top stories. the young intern who was killed by a 350-pound african lion at a california animal sanctuary died from a broken neck according to the local coroner, 24-year-old diana hanson was killed quickly, there was no blood drawn when couscous, a lion she adored escaped from his cage and attacked her in a large enclosure. ted rowland is there with the latest developments. >> reporter: the coroner says investigators believe couscous the lion was somehow able to use his paw to open up a gate to get into the enclosure that diana hanson was cleaning. the attack was so quick and so intense that she likely didn't suffer at all, which is giving her family some comfort. >> there was no blood, and they think it was a quick death,
5:09 am
followed just by injuries of a lion probably playing too hard and also she was so happy, her last two months there as an internship at cat haven were the happiest of her life. >> reporter: the sheriff investigators are continuing their work here, john, until they are complete, the gates here at cat haven will remain closed to the public. >> ted our thanks to you in dunlap, california, this morning. the storm that just won't go away. morning commutes under siege as much of the northeast getting hammered by this relentless winter storm bringing winds, rain, coastal flooding and of course snow, new york city could see three inches today, that's the picture as it comes down at columbus circle, boston area around five inches, the heaviest snow will fall in parts of new hampshire, eastern massachusetts, connecticut and rhode island. some brand new information from the vatican, roman catholic cardinals will vote later today on when to start the conclave to
5:10 am
elect a successor to pope benedict xvi. the vatican telling a news conference it would start on monday, tuesday or wednesday for the conclave. arias was answering tough answers from jurors who seem to be tiring of what they call her lies. >> after all the lies you have told why should we believe you now? >> lying isn't typically something i just do but the lies that i've told in this case are, can be tied directly back to either protecting travis' reputation. >> travis alexander was shot and stabbed 27 times, had his throat slashed. arias has changed her version three times now and says it was in self-defense.
5:11 am
>> she's delusional, the three iterations. >> she gives it with a straight face never moving in her expressio expressions. >> fascinating to hear from the jurors in a trial. new developments in the lawsuit filed by jcpenney and macy's. the judge ordered all parties to enter mediation for the next 30 days. jcpenney has been ordered to stop selling martha stewart products between now and april 8th. another close encounter right now, outer space scientists say another asteroid, this one the size of a football field will whiz past earth this weekend, days after a smaller rock made a closer fly-by. the new asteroid is 330 feet wide t will miss earth by about 600,000 miles when it passes on saturday. >> are you trying to scare
5:12 am
america, john? >> what do you do with that information? what do i do now? >> look to the skies, look to the skies people. former president bill clinton wants the supreme court to overturn the defense of marriage act. he made the doma law of the land in 1996, but in a new op-ed piece in "the washington post" he writes "the justices must decide whether it is consistent with the principles of a nation that onnors freedom, equality and justice above all and is therefore constitutional. as the president who signed the act into law, i have come to believe that doma is contrary to those principles and in fact, incompatible with our constitution." >> that was kind of a that was then, this is now argument. >> that's exactly what he said. >> bill clinton is awfully late come out when it politically safe to do, gee, i made a really jeerious mistake and i'm sorry. >> he explains his decision.
5:13 am
>> he doesn't need to apologize, howie. >> i think he is giving the context of what was happening while he was making this decision. you don't get the sense that he feels sorry for the decision. i think he's saying here's what we were dealing with at the time. let me give you the tone of this time. >> and 51% according to a cbs poll of people say that gay marriage should be legal. times have changed, osama bin laden's son-in-law is caught and headed to a court in new york city, the trial will begin in a couple of hours. some argue he should be sent to gitmo, we'll talk about that with oregon senator ron wyden. and we'll tell you about the town that wants to mandate that everyone owns a gun, that's ahead. i tried weight loss plans...
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5:17 am
welcome back everybody. hours from now an al qaeda spokesman related to osama bin laden will face a federal judge in new york city. his name is sulaiman abu ghaith, charged with conspireing to kill americans. the attorney general confirming in a letter to senator paul rand the president does not have the authority to kill average americans within the country. senator ron wyden from oregon serves on the intelligence committees and others as well. >> thanks for having me back. >> sulaiman abu ghaith is charged with conspireing to kill americans. earlier this morning we were talking to fran townsend about sort of the value of a military tribunal verses bringing him into new york city in a federal court and she thought that that was less relevant than the way he was brought from and it was
5:18 am
very purposeful. do you have any idea what she might mean, having him moved around and brought in to the united states, seemed to her to raise red flags. >> i can't get into classified matters, soledad but let's get to the bottom line. the federal prosecutors have a tremendous batting average in these kinds of cases. in fact, there are batting record is better than these military tribunals. we need to take the fight to al qaeda and number two when we capture people we want to make sure these are people who get prosecuted and end up in these supermax facilities behind bars where the american people are safe from them. >> so then you don't think -- is there any valuable information that's been gleaned from him? one of the things that fran was telling us is the amount of time that has passed, he's been basically out of the loop, there's probably not that much valuable intel that can be gotten from him. what is the quailty of his
5:19 am
capture? >> it's an extremely important capture. we're going to be going into this on the intelligence committee but right now we'll have a debate in this country whether someone like this ought to be in effect prosecuted in a military tribunal like at gitmo or the federal courts and i just want the viewers to understand they have a high batting average the federal prosecutors. the american people want tough, effective approaches to make sure these terrorists are dealt with, that they are locked away for the rest of their lives. that's what we'll get. >> senator, it's howard kurtz. it's unusual we have someone captured alive, mostly we kill these people while we can. you crossed party lines to join senator rand paul in that filibuster slowing up john brennan's nomination because you were concerned about drones. i know you think you made your point. you must have gotten a lot of blowback from fellow democrats from joining conservative rand
5:20 am
paul. >> not too much. there is a sense there is a new political movement emerging in our country and it crosses party lines and it is all about americans who want to see policymakers strike a better balance between protecting our security and protecting our liberty, and certainly over the last few weeks, americans have seen there is a sharp difference between protecting secret intelligence operations and not keeping our laws which are public secret, and that's the information we've gotten out. i'd like to note as part of those negotiations over getting those documents, i insisted that the obama administration answer those questions rand paul was asking because i and others have been asking them as well. >> there was an answer, the attorney general, eric holder sent a letter. "it's come to my attention you have asked for an additional question, does the president have the authority to use a weaponized drone to kill an american not engaged in combat on american soil?" this is to rand paul. the answer to that question is
5:21 am
no, sincerely eric h. holder, that was yesterday in a letter. when you read that and the rest of the contents of that letter are you satisfied with that answer? >> yes, and here is the distinction, soledad. what we had been essentially trying to flesh out is make sure a non-combatant, senator paul and i talk about somebody sitting in a coffee shop say in the pacific northwest, that that person was not going to face a drone attack. what in effect eric holder has said, if you're talking about preventing another pearl harbor, an eminent kind of threat, a 9/11, you can use military force to repel a foreign invasion so we've established the distinction between a non-combatant here in the united states and something that is along the lines of 9/11 that threatens the survival of our country. >> john berman here, senator. in that letter did he distinguish what not engaged in combat means? do you feel it gives the white house a tremendous amount of
5:22 am
discretion? >> i don't. we gave enough examples in these kinds of discussions, i asked about it as well in the public hearing so we got these documents over, in effect winning a two-year battle. i had requested these documents seven times over two years so a lot of the issues were aired and i'm glad on a bipartisan basis that is why i went to the floor during rand paul's fill buster to make sure that the country saw that this new political force, sometimes i call ourselves the checks and balances movement, where we say the president has tremendous power in the national security arena but it is not unfettered power and while we've got a lot more to dig into in terms of looking at these previously secret documents, we've made a lot of headway now. >> thank you, senator wyden. we appreciate it. >> thank you. still ahead on "starting point," forced to own a gun, that could be law in one city, details coming up next. could the whole gang be
5:23 am
getting back together? luke, leia and han will reunite in movie seven. >> blast from the past. >> that's ahead. new nectresse. the 100% natural no-calorie sweetener made from the goodness of fruit. new nectresse. sweetness naturally.
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to find you a great deal, even if it's not with us. [ ding ] oh, that's helpful! well, our company does that, too. actually, we invented that. it's like a sauna in here. helping you save, even if it's not with us -- now, that's progressive! call or click today. no mas pantalones! our big justin bieber story, he is recovering after he fainted mid show during his concert in london last night,
5:27 am
he's 19 years old, reportedly treated with oxygen before he finished the concert. some of his fans might have needed oxygen there he is shirtless. >> ooh, baby. >> the young man -- >> conscious and shirtless. >> if you are a young fan. >> they're looking at his abs. >> howie is a guy. >> he tweeted this out and said he was feeling better and he thanked his fans for all the love and look at me shirtless. >> please send shirts to the hospital. yoda was 900 years old and harrison ford, carrie fisher and mark hamell in part for talks of a new "star wars" film, they played han solo, princess leia and luke skywalker in the original film. george lucas confirmed the trio
5:28 am
in "business week" and apparently tried to backtrack. >> these were not the stars we were looking for. >> move along. >> exactly. >> they're going to bring these people out of wheelchairs in ten years? >> they'll have different roles it will be cute. they're not going to play the -- >> the idea is they're coming back -- >> same character but just later. >> it's a great franchise. >> may the force be with them. ahead on "starting point" the dow is on a roll, the latest job numbers in america, the monthly report is due out in a moment and should the washington redskins be able to trademark what some find offensive? field . ♪ wireless is limitless. [ female announcer ] from more efficient payments. ♪
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5:32 am
christine romans is on the phone and she'll break the numbers as soon as they are released. abby cornish has a new movie plays a struggling single mom in some kind of shady dealings across the border, it's really interesting movie, we'll talk to her about that. john berman has a look at the top stories. the son-in-law of osama bin laden expected to be arraigned in a new york court in the next few hours. sulaiman abu ghaith went from house arrest in iran, went to turkey, late ear rested and in jordan the cia nabbed him. complicated. north korea responding to tough u.n. sanctions. today the north is repeating its vow to ditch all nonaggression pakts with south korea.
5:33 am
china could have used its veto power to block the plan before the vote north korea threatened a preemptive nuclear strike against its enemies including the united states. let's get right to the breaking news the job numbers are in and they're good. what you got? >> 236,000 jobs created in february, far more than we thought would be added, the forecast was for 170,000, it is 236,000. the jobless rate fell to 7.7%, so it had been 7.9%, this is better than we had been expecting, again the headline, 236,000 jobs created. i'll jump back into this briefing, i wanted to make sure you had the two big headlines much better than expected and i'll drill in and find out where the jobs were created. looks like we weren't seeing the effects of the northeast -- >> those were the things before
5:34 am
i let you jump back on the call those when they calculated the number that was much lower some of the things they were calculating the storms, they thought that would be problematic. >> and the forced spending cuts if they were having an early effect there. >> you also want to know where the jobs are being created and that is what's most important in determining the future of the economy. >> i'm guessing it's health care. >> christine just likes getting on the phone. you've seen them in the service industry and that's been a problem because those are the jobs that are not the jobs, replacing the jobs that are lost. >> it was an encouraging report but 7.7% unemployment is still high. the banks got bailed out, wall street record profits, the stock market is breaking records and still we have a systemic problem with unemployment. >> it is going down, this is a much bigger number, when christine gets more numbers i'll be interested to see if there are any upward revisions in the months before that. >> looks like private sector job
5:35 am
growth. 236,000 jobs. we're seeing a private sector showing signs of healing. yesterday the jobless claims number was below 350,000 again. when you have a jobless claims every week 350,000 people lining up for benefits sounds like a lot but it actually means there's some private sector hiring happening, that's actually kind of a good level of that number. >> could that offset the shrinkage in gooft we'll see from the sequester budget cuts? >> it's been interesting, hearing from the white house forced budget cuts it would slow, it was going to slow the economic growth but something is happening in the private sector that is interesting, at least in february, we got to see what the storm effects were. might be the timing of the surveys, maybe some of the layoffs got delayed. >> this is another issue for the sequester. right now we're not feeling the pain of the sequester.
5:36 am
now we have jobless numbers and we have unemployment numbers that are better than expected. >> there were 10,000 fewer government jobs in there, that could be the forward edge of the sequester you're looking at there, the forced spending cuts and remember what had the obama said, every time you hear a positive economic report it could have been better. it could have been better right now. that's what he tried to sell. >> this is a positive. >> it is, much better number right there in and of itself. >> the races tell the two different stories depending on where you are in the demographics. john has more news for us. >> kentucky senator rand paul is declaring victory following his 13-hour filibuster wednesday which delayed a vote on john brennan's nomination to become cia director. he was protesting drone policy. eric holder confirmed president obama does not have the authority to use a drone to kill
5:37 am
an american not engangd in combat on u.s. soil. here's what senator paul had to say to cnn's erin burnett. >> i think the response was important. you don't always get a response to the white house when you make an argument. we've been asking for six weeks for this response. the fact we got it, i feel like it's a victory for us. >> john brennan was confirmed in a vote yesterday, 63-34. a group of five native americans trying to sack the redskins in court claiming the team should not be allowed to trademark the name redskins, they organize argue it's an offensive term and that it disparaged a significant number of native americans when the club was granted the trademark in 196. the team said it would suffer serious financial harm if it no longer had the exclusive marketing rights to the name redskins. no word whether the appeal board
5:38 am
will make its final ruling. this is an issue around for a long time. this is the first time it's taken up in a trademark. the city of nelson, jrng, could require the head of every household to own a firearm and the ammunition to go with it. the nelson city council voting unanimously what it calls the family protection act. >> sounds like some sort of contraception. carry on, yes. >> there are 1,300 people who live in this town. take a listen. >> most everybody that lives here that are original residents here have always had firearms. >> our government at the moment, they want to take as much away from us as they can. >> council members say this measure will not be aggressively enforced, even if it makes through the final vote next month. they're trying to send a message to washington, getting a little publicity. >> knocking on everybody's door,
5:39 am
can i see your firearm, ma'am? >> sounds like it's out of the middle ages. >> this is so blatantly constitutional and as you say, john, a stunt, let's face it. >> i don't know about that. >> requiring? >> i don't have to carry or own a gun. >> i'd be curious to know the legal implications with someone you've mandated to have a weapon. >> legal protections for gun manufacturers it's interesting for them, too. >> not necessarily for someone who has a gun. >> or the law maccers who said you had to have it. >> it is smart because it is a pr message that is sending to washington and president obama saying hey there is another side. >> knellsnelson, georgia, now t on the map. an interesting story of a single mother struggling to make ends meet and gets a big opportunity to make some real money and that is smuggling
5:40 am
people across the border, the star of the girl is abbie cornish and she'll talk about the film in a moment. [ anouncer ] ihop is in time square to compare new griddle-melts to your usual breakfast sandwich. a lot more flavor. [ anouncer ] ihop's new griddle melts... made fresh and hot! hand crafted just for you. it's like a sexy sandwich. [ anouncer ] compare new griddle melts yourself. just $4.99. it's an epic breakfast sandwich. i can't believe your mom let you take her car! this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy.
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in a gritty new film called "the girl" abbie cornish stars a single mom in texas who lost her son to social services and struggling to make ends meet. surprise visit from her dad, a truck driver who shows her an easy route to make money smuggling immigrants across the border. here's how that goes. >> there's people back there, ain't there? >> yeah, there's people back there but i don't know who they are and i don't ask. >> brought them across the border? jesus. we could go to jail. >> nobody's going to jail. >> you know what to happen to me? i'd lose georgia for good. >> you stop worrying? passed the check point half hour ago. >> desperate for cash she tries her hand at smuggling and goes terribly wrong. abbie cornish riveting film. i have to ask you about the
5:44 am
accent you're australian. >> aussie, yes. >> you had to deal with the southern south texas accent. you speak spanish. was it hard, was it easy? >> considering i have split personalities, it wasn't too difficult. >> that explains it. >> tripolar. that's why david cast me. he met me and he was like you're crazy, awesome. >> tell us about -- >> crazy, tick, it's underneath clowning. >> ashley coulton you start off in the movie disliking her, she's not a good mother and a hot mess and as the movie goes forward it's not just about trafficking immigrants across the border but as her growth as a mom. >> there's this film in this story is beautiful for many reasons because first of all we're addressing a political issue which is very relevant and
5:45 am
has been very relevant for a long time, america, mexico, the border, what's happening at the border, the divide, and but this story is also told in an intimate scales the story of a young texan mother who lost her son to the welfare system trying to get her life back together and is full of acker and regret and this negativity and darkness so it's her journey into the light and her journey into the light that's brought on by her adventures in mexico and the culture and the people. >> around a girl. >> young 9-year-old girl, so beautiful because it almost connects in a way connects her with her inner child and it also allows her to figure out what it is to be a mother. >> let's play a clip from the movie.
5:46 am
[ speaking in spanish ]. >> her father tells her ditch the girl, like ditch the little girl, it's insane that your character is holding on to this little girl as she tries to find her mother. >> what kind of research did you do to get into the role? it is a very sort of personal and moving -- >> portrayal. >> -- portrayal of what happens now. >> one of the films that required a lot of research and preparation. as soon as i got the role i started and of course to answer your first question in regards to accent, learning spanish, learning how to speak spanish,
5:47 am
getting that under my skin, the texas accent but learning about the border, what's happening at the border, getting a real insight into it. we did a lot of, i mean david researched this film for years but we did sort of like field research in that we visited these sort of safehouses for migrants that were making their migration up north and we spent time with those people. >> could you identify with the character in some ways? >> of course i did. >> really? she's such a mess. i can't imagine. >> well she said she was crazy. >> i'm really a mess, it's all smoke and mirrors. >> falling apart? >> as an actor, i mean and also, too, i did spend a lot of time talking to young women, women in this situation that lived the life that ashley lives, women that have lost children to the welfare system, women in general, mothers. it was actually quite a lovely little discovery but you know,
5:48 am
what i -- as an actor, you are challenging yourself in so many ways because you're not only putting yourself under the microscope, you're putting the rest of the world under the microscope, and i'm blessed by what i do because i'm given the opportunity to learn about the world, to learn about myself. >> and each other people, too. great story. >> and to share. because that's what we do when we make films, we share stories and entertaining films we're sharing laughter and warmth. >> very entertaining. >> it's a hard core film it's interesting called "the girl." abbie cornish, thank you. >> cheers, back to you. >> cheers, i like that, back to you. al gore has been hit with a multimillion-dollar lawsuit over the sale of current tv. we'll talk about that ahead.
5:49 am
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a quick look at the news this morning. new research says the earth continues to get hotter. scientists behind the study published in the journal "science" say climate change is to blame for the earth going from the coldest decade in civilization to its hottest all within the same century. the study looked at temperatures going back 11,000 years and say a similar heat spike has never happened in that time. former vice president al gore is facing a $5 million lawsuit over the sale of current tv to al jazeera. media consultant john taranzio came up with a plan for an
5:53 am
american distribution of al jazeera. gore opposed the idea first but then had a change of heart and went ahead with the $500 million sale. >> saw all the zeros. >> changing my mind. >> mixing guns, god and causing an uproar. texas attorney general greg abbott shows a gun and bible and reads two things every american should know how to use, neither of which are taught in schools. now reaction from abbott's facebook followers ranges from can i get an amen to "have you ever heard the constitution in" he caused a stir with another online ad telling new yorkers to move to texas because they can keep their guns. daylight savings time -- oh, no "s" in there, daylight saving
5:54 am
time, push your clocks ahead, you'll lose an hour of sleep this weekend. >> it improves my mood. this is an art collector's dream, works by an obscure impressionest painter found inside a garage in long island worth $300 million. thomas schultz bought the home of panajian's family. they asked him to throw out 60 years' worth of paintings, they refused to toss the artwork and are being rewarded handsomely. some of the pieces have sold for up to half a million dollars. >> why doesn't that happen to us? >> you live in long island. that ever happen now is. >> we didn't have a garage, clearly the problem. >> i had tricycles and bikes in my garage. >> we're getting a sneak peek at "the hangover part 3" the final
5:55 am
installment, take a look the wolf pack is back in las vegas. >> i bought a giraffe. oh my life is great! >> "hanover 3" opens memorial cinema. >> nick gallifinakis has a cult following. >> makes people laugh. >> they wouldn't stop it at three, would they? >> no. more than 400,000 children live in foster care small things can make a big difference. often those are out of reach. this week's cnn hero found a way to give a little piece of childhood back to those who might need it to the most. i introduce to you daniel
5:56 am
galito. >> i've been in and out of foster care for most of my life. when you move from place to place, you don't really get the same connections that your peers have. you get very insecure. you don't think that people really care about your desires and wishes. >> mwah! >> when i became a foster parent i realized a lot of these children decide that it's not worth wishing anymore because it isn't going to happen. people have made promises to them that they haven't kept. you want to take any of the babies? everything's brand new. i thought how do we give them the feeling that people are out there that care about you, even if you've never met them. my name is danielle gletow and anybody anywhere can look at hundreds of wishes from children in foster care, auditioning for a play, needs to practice for his cd. wishes are as unique as the children who make them and so
5:57 am
personal. isn't that beautiful? >> yes. >> these small things make an enormous difference in the life of a child. it's really just a kid being a kid. >> my wish was for a suit so that i could attend a family member's funeral. it meant a lot that someone took the time and they knew that that was important. >> this looks awesome. >> when a child's wish is granted we are reassuring them that their voices are being heard. >> i love you. >> there is this big world that wants to wrap their arms around them and protect them and we need to all step up and do that. >> oh my gosh that is such great work she's doing. "end point" is up next. [ nurse ] i'm a hospice nurse. britta olsen is my patient.
5:58 am
i spend long hours with her checking her heart rate, administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark, "when a person dies," she said, "someone must open the window so the soul can depart." i smiled and squeezed her hand. "not tonight, britta. not tonight." [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson. [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, so if ydead battery,t tire, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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